4 ways of combining simple and unique outdoor wicker furniture to transform your garden into a heavenly place.

Modern life with so much superficial and pressure causes us to respect moments of peace while returning home, immersed in the tranquil space of the small garden, sipping a cup of fragrant coffee, or look at the children who are playing and feel the emotion that is very relaxed, and peaceful.

At this moment the garden is the world's own personal place to bring ourselves closer to nature, inhaling the source of fresh air, freeing the whole of the late sorrow and fatigue. And nowadays the gardens designed in Oriental style are very popular in Australia by simplicity, sophistication, close to nature.

And interestingly, you do not need to spend too much money but can still transform the garden with a definite oriental charm if following the ways below:

1. The wicker sofa with a knee-high table in natural bamboo colour.

vermont timber wicker outdoor set

 The contemporary VERMONT 4 seater lounge set is considered an excellent design for your garden. A simple, delicate, comfortable, enough space for the whole family.

Mitcham Timber Wicker Outdoor Setting

The MITCHAM outdoor corner set comprises of an L-shape lounge and a square table, with all-weather acacia timber legs, simple but ultra-luxurious strokes for your garden space.

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    2. Using single chairs with round table.

      A scenic highlight for the garden space, the McKinnon recliner chairs with a high back-rest gives the feeling of extremely relaxing when sitting and loosen the body. The six-seater set with a large round table and feature a lazy-susan in the middle is the ideal setting for a morning meal or dining in the sunset with family.

       McKinnon Outdoor Furniture Set

      The Niddrie 5 piece set with coffee brown colour was chosen to be suitable for small outdoor living space. These chairs and table are made from UV resistant artificial (PE) wicker and rust-free powder-coated aluminium frame that is designed and manufactured to allow you to leave it outside freely and cope with the harsh Australian weather.

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        3. Nice little egg-shape hanging chair – Every kid's favourite.

          Imagine that you relax on this cozy white hanging chair, sip a cup of hot tea or a sunken on the books you love, isn't it a great feeling to have?

          Williamtown Egg Shaoe Hanging Chair


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           4. Minimalist design for a limited outdoor space like in the apartment balcony or patio.

          Just two simple wicker armchairs beside a small table, creating subtle sensations, a gentle snuggle backrest to allow you to completely relax your body and have a comfortable conversation with your friend.


           Epping Balcony Set

          So, just a subtle combination of tables, chairs, and some simple decoration have changed completely your gardens that become gentle, delicate and an ideal place to relax, feel the tranquillity in your own home.

          You can choose many designs from our wide range of outdoor wicker furniture for your garden and outdoor area.

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